Activity 5: Reading

Read part 2 and 3 of your graphic novel.  Complete the blog activities as they are posted to the site.


Blog Post 4: Character Tree

After reading section 1, draw a family tree of the characters you have read about so far.  Your diagram can have more than one tree if there is more than one family.  Use lines, colour and labels to show the relationships and connections between the characters.

After drawing your tree(s), take a picture of it and upload it to your blog.  I will help you when you get to this point.



Welcome to the grade twelve English graphic novel blog, G-Lit.

During the course of this unit you will create and maintain a blog about your graphic novel and your reading of it.  This blog will provide you with short tasks, larger activities and blog topics to guide your study, thinking and discussion of the graphic novel.

Take a look at all the sections of this blog and then proceed to Activity 1 to get started.