Blog Post 11: Final Impressions

1.  Write a blog post in which you describe your thoughts about the graphic novel after you have finished reading it.

Some topics you could include:

-why you liked it

-why you disliked it

-why you liked/disliked the writing

-why you liked/disliked the artwork

-how your feelings for the novel changed from beginning to end

-your favourite/least favourite part

-your favourite/least favourite character

-what you found most interesting

-things you did not understand or questions you still have

-why you liked/disliked the ending

Length: 10 sentences


2.  Comment on the post of two of your classmates.



Blog Post 10: Critique the Critics


A.  Find and read three reviews of your graphic novel.  Along with searching for reviews using Google, you can find some reviews of Wolverine by clicking here  and of Maus by clicking here.

B.  Post one of the reviews to your blog

C.  Write a 5 sentence blog post in which you comment on the review.  Explain why you agree or disagree with the reviewer.  Be sure to support your opinions about your novel and the review with your own examples from the text.

D.  Comment on the review and post of one of your classmates.


Blog Post 9: What’s For Dinner

Find a recipe online for a dish that perfectly connects to or sums up your graphic novel or the main character in your graphic novel.

A.  Post the recipe to your blog.

B.  Write a 5 sentence blog entry in which you explain why the recipe is perfect for your graphic novel or its main character.  Include at least three reasons.  Be sure to make specific reference to the events in  your graphic novel.

C.  Write a line of fan fiction in which the main character of your novel comments on the meal.  Try to make your line of dialogue fit with the way the character thinks and speaks.

Blog Post 8: Original Art

A.  Create a sketch or drawing that emphasizes, connects to or symbolizes some part of your graphic novel.

-do not simply recreate a scene

-instead aim to create a symbolic representation of a character, event or theme

-your piece of art should be 8.5 b y 11

-your piece of art can be in black and white

-your piece of art must demonstrate neatness and an effort to be creative

B.  Post your sketch to your blog.  The easiest way of doing this may be to take a picture of it with your phone and then email the picture to yourself or upload it using the wordpress app.


C.  Write a 5  sentence blog post in which you explain why you drew what you drew.  Describe three of your artistic choices.


D.  Comment on the pieces of at least two of your classmates.

Blog Post 7: For Discussion

1.  Read the discussion question guidelines found by clicking on the following link:

Discussion Questions


2.  Create an open ended specific discussion question about section one that requires your classmates to:

-think about some part of the section one reading

-explore their thoughts on that part

-support their ideas with specific reference to the text


You could ask a discussion question that focuses on:

-the motivations of a character

-an important event

-a major problem or conflict

-a big idea that appears in the text

Consider beginning your discussion question with one of the following question starters:

What would happen if…How do you explain…Why did…Do you agree or disagree with…Would it be better if…How important is…What are the motives behind…What would you do if…

Note:  Make sure your wording is clear and that there is no simple or obvious answer to your question!

3.  Post your discussion question to your blog.


4.  Answer two of your classmates’ discussion questions. (5-10 sentences)


5.  Respond back to all (up to 3)  of the students who answer your questions (5 sentences)


Blog Post 6: Everybody Hurts…

Watch (feel free to sing- a-long):


Write a blog entry in which you describe the worst or most difficult problem or conflict that the main character must deal with.

Be sure to:

-describe the conflict fully

-explain why it is the most serious conflict or problem for the main character

-explain what is so difficult about it

-explain how it makes the character feel

-explain what it requires the main character to do


Length: 5 sentences



Respond to a blog post 5 from one of your classmates.

Length: 5 sentences

Blog Post 5: One Liner

A.  Write a blog post in which you:

1.  post your favourite line or piece of dialogue from section two or three

2.  explain why you loved it, why it was so interesting, why it was so well written, etc. (5 sent)

B.  Comment on the favourite line of one of your classmates (5 sent)