BH 3: Trick Out Your Blog Part 1

Make your blog more unique, visually appealing and connected to your graphic novel by adding a Header Picture.

Step A:

1.  Find an image on the internet that connects to a theme from your graphic novel.

2.  Save it to your photos or to your m drive or google docs.

Step B:

From your blog,

1. Click on the W in the upper left corner

2.  Under Personalize and themes, click on the customize button

3.  Click the blue photo button that appears on your blog page.

4.  Click on Add New Image

5.  Click on Upload File

6.  Click on Select Files and select your image from your google docs

7.  Click on Select and Crop

8.  Crop Image

9.  Click on Save and Publish


BH 2: Important Setting Change

Right now, your blog is set up so that you must approve a comment, reply or post to your blog before it appears on screen.

We want to change those settings so that other students’ posts appear instantaneously.

Please follow these steps to change your settings:

From your blog,

1. On the left hand side, find and click on Settings

2. Click on Discussion

4.  Under “Before a Comment Appears” uncheck both boxes

5.  Save changes

BH1: Add These Blog Addies


Follow the blogs of the students who are reading your novel by completing the following steps:

A.  Log into your wordpress blog.   (you should already be logged in)

B.  Open a new internet tab.  Don’t leave your page or the class page.

C.  Type in the addy of the blog you want to follow.

D. When the blog opens, click the +Follow… button at the bottom right of the page.  It should appear immediately or as you move your curser over the blog.

E.  After adding all of the blogs on your novel, click on your READER which can be found at the top left of your screen.  There you will see all of the new posts of the blogs you are following.

Everyone Follow

Wolverine: Origins

New Wolverine:



New Maus:

Newer Maus: