Bonus 1: Critique the Critics


A.  Find and read three reviews of your graphic novel.  Along with searching for reviews using Google, you can find some reviews of Wolverine by clicking here  and of Maus by clicking here.

B.  Post one of the reviews to your blog

C.  Write a 5 sentence blog post in which you comment on the review.  Explain why you agree or disagree with the reviewer.  Be sure to support your opinions about your novel and the review with your own examples from the text.

D.  Comment on the review and post of one of your classmates.


Activity 2: Create Your Blog

Go to the wordpress site and begin the process of creating your own blog site.  Follow the step-by-step instructions on the site.  Try not to get too fancy at this point.   Instead, focus on signing up, selecting a theme and writing your first post.  Complete each of the following steps:


A.  Sign Up using an email account

B.  Record your username, your password and the url of the blog on the BLOG SIGN UP SHEET with Mr. Dhami immediately

C.  Create your blog by selecting a theme.

Click here to go to the wordpress login page

Activity 1: Choose Your Novel

Complete a quick internet search on the graphic novels Maus and Wolverine: Origins to help you select one of the graphic novels to read.  Try to get a feel for each one, but avoid reading spoilers or big chunks of analysis.


1.  Do a quick internet search on both novels.

2.  Make a set of point form notes on why you picked your novel as that will be the topic of your first blog post.


3.  After you complete your research,  select one of the graphic novels and sign it out from the library.

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