Section 3 Assignment: The Soundtrack

Task A:   

Select a song that would be a perfect fit for the soundtrack of your graphic novel and explain why it is the perfect song in a proper paragraph.

Note: The song you select may not have any inappropriate lyrics and the video for the song may not contain any inappropriate images or themes.

Be Sure to Include:

-why it connects to the graphic novel and how it adds to a reader’s understanding of the graphic novel

-at least three ways the song connects to the novel.  Make specific reference to the lyrics of the song and the events, characters and themes in the novel.

-begin with a topic sentence like:

The song __________________________ connects to the graphic novel ___________________ in many ways.

-introduce your three arguments with sentences like:

One way the song ____________________ connects to the graphic novel is through its ____________________________________.


In Your Blog Post include:

A. The YouTube video of the song (Click Add Media then Insert Youtube)

B. The lyrics of your song (cut and paste)

C.  The Analysis Paragraph



1.  Find a song that connects to the graphic novel.

2.  Make a brainstorming list of how the song connects to the novel and what it adds to our understanding of events, characters and themes.

3.  Write a rough copy of a proper 10-15  sentence paragraph which describes at least three ways that the song and graphic novel connect.  Be sure to make specific reference to the lyrics and the song.

4.  Edit your draft for errors in thinking and writing in a different colour ink.

5.  Post a polished copy your paragraph to your blog.

Length:  Write one 10-15 sentence analysis paragraphs


Task B:

Read and comment on two of your classmates’ song choices and explanations.

Length: 5 sentence post



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