Blog Post 7: For Discussion

1.  Read the discussion question guidelines found by clicking on the following link:

Discussion Questions


2.  Create an open ended specific discussion question about section one that requires your classmates to:

-think about some part of the section one reading

-explore their thoughts on that part

-support their ideas with specific reference to the text


You could ask a discussion question that focuses on:

-the motivations of a character

-an important event

-a major problem or conflict

-a big idea that appears in the text

Consider beginning your discussion question with one of the following question starters:

What would happen if…How do you explain…Why did…Do you agree or disagree with…Would it be better if…How important is…What are the motives behind…What would you do if…

Note:  Make sure your wording is clear and that there is no simple or obvious answer to your question!

3.  Post your discussion question to your blog.


4.  Answer two of your classmates’ discussion questions. (5-10 sentences)


5.  Respond back to all (up to 3)  of the students who answer your questions (5 sentences)



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