Bonus 1: Critique the Critics


A.  Find and read three reviews of your graphic novel.  Along with searching for reviews using Google, you can find some reviews of Wolverine by clicking here  and of Maus by clicking here.

B.  Post one of the reviews to your blog

C.  Write a 5 sentence blog post in which you comment on the review.  Explain why you agree or disagree with the reviewer.  Be sure to support your opinions about your novel and the review with your own examples from the text.

D.  Comment on the review and post of one of your classmates.


Bonus 2: What’s For Dinner

Find a recipe online for a dish that perfectly connects to or sums up your graphic novel or the main character in your graphic novel.

A.  Post the recipe to your blog.

B.  Write a 5 sentence blog entry in which you explain why the recipe is perfect for your graphic novel or its main character.  Include at least three reasons.  Be sure to make specific reference to the events in  your graphic novel.

C.  Write a line of fan fiction in which the main character of your novel comments on the meal.  Try to make your line of dialogue fit with the way the character thinks and speaks.

Blog Post 8: Final Impressions

1.  Write a blog post in which you describe your thoughts about the graphic novel after you have finished reading it.

Some topics you could include:

-why you liked it

-why you disliked it

-why you liked/disliked the writing

-why you liked/disliked the artwork

-how your feelings for the novel changed from beginning to end

-your favourite/least favourite part

-your favourite/least favourite character

-what you found most interesting

-things you did not understand or questions you still have

-why you liked/disliked the ending

Length: 10 sentences


2.  Comment on the post of two of your classmates.


Blog Post 7: Original Art

A.  Create a sketch or drawing that emphasizes, connects to or symbolizes some part of your graphic novel.

-do not simply recreate a scene

-instead aim to create a symbolic representation of a character, event or theme

-your piece of art should be 8.5 b y 11

-your piece of art can be in black and white

-your piece of art must demonstrate neatness and an effort to be creative

B.  Post your sketch to your blog.  The easiest way of doing this may be to take a picture of it with your phone and then email the picture to yourself or upload it using the wordpress app.


C.  Write a 5  sentence blog post in which you explain why you drew what you drew.  Describe three of your artistic choices.


D.  Comment on the pieces of at least two of your classmates.

Section 2 and 3 Assignment: The Soundtrack

Task A:   

Select a song that would be a perfect fit for the soundtrack of your graphic novel and explain why it is the perfect song in a proper paragraph.

Note: The song you select may not have any inappropriate lyrics and the video for the song may not contain any inappropriate images or themes.

Be Sure to Include:

-why it connects to the graphic novel and how it adds to a reader’s understanding of the graphic novel

-at least three ways the song connects to the novel.  Make specific reference to the lyrics of the song and the events, characters and themes in the novel.

-begin with a topic sentence like:

The song __________________________ connects to the graphic novel ___________________ in many ways.

-introduce your three arguments with sentences like:

One way the song ____________________ connects to the graphic novel is through its ____________________________________.


In Your Blog Post include:

A. The YouTube video of the song (Click Add Media then Insert Youtube)

B. The lyrics of your song (cut and paste)

C.  The Analysis Paragraph



1.  Find a song that connects to the graphic novel.

2.  Make a brainstorming list of how the song connects to the novel and what it adds to our understanding of events, characters and themes.

3.  Write a rough copy of a proper 10-15  sentence paragraph which describes at least three ways that the song and graphic novel connect.  Be sure to make specific reference to the lyrics and the song.

4.  Edit your draft for errors in thinking and writing in a different colour ink.

5.  Post a polished copy your paragraph to your blog.

Length:  Write one 10-15 sentence analysis paragraphs


Task B:

Read and comment on two of your classmates’ song choices and explanations.

Length: 5 sentence post