BH4: Change It Up

Add a new header picture to your blog.  Select an image that reflects some aspect of section 2 or 3 of your graphic novel.

Step A:

1.  Find an image on the internet that connects to a theme from your graphic novel.

2.  Save it to your photos or to your m drive or google docs.

Step B:

From your blog,

1. Hover over bottom right corner of your screen and click on Customize when it appears.

2.  Click on Header Image from the options on the left.

3.  Click on Header

4.  Click on Add New Image

5.  Click on Upload File

6.  Click on Select Files and select your image from your google docs

7.  Click on Select and Crop

8.  Crop Image

9.  Click on Save and Publish

Blog Post 6: Everybody Hurts…

Watch (feel free to sing- a-long):


Write a blog entry in which you describe the worst or most difficult problem or conflict that the main character must deal with.

Be sure to:

-describe the conflict fully

-explain why it is the most serious conflict or problem for the main character

-explain what is so difficult about it

-explain how it makes the character feel

-explain what it requires the main character to do


Length: 5 sentences



Respond to a blog post 5 from one of your classmates.

Length: 5 sentences

Blog Post 5: One Liner

A.  Write a blog post in which you:

1.  post your favourite line or piece of dialogue from section two or three

2.  explain why you loved it, why it was so interesting, why it was so well written, etc. (5 sent)

B.  Comment on the favourite line of one of your classmates (5 sent)

Almost Daily 3: Hollywood

Select a Hollywood actor or actress to play one of the characters in the movie version of your graphic novel.


Post a picture of the actor or actress.


State what character they would play.


Write a 5 sentence post explaining why they would play that role so well. Explain why they would capture the look and personality of the character.

(do not pick Hugh Jackman for Wolverine)


Respond to two posts by your classmates.