Blog Post 1: You and Your Novel

Write a blog post in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain why you selected the graphic novel you did.  Make specific reference to the internet search you did on your text.  While a blog is similar to a journal, it is a little more formal.  Make sure you write in complete and correct sentences.

Length: 5 to 10 sentences

Respond to a Blog Post 1 from a classmate that is reading your novel.

Length: 5 to 10 sentences


Activity 2: Create Your Blog

Go to the wordpress site and begin the process of creating your own blog site.  Follow the step-by-step instructions on the site.  Try not to get too fancy at this point.   Instead, focus on signing up, selecting a theme and writing your first post.  Complete each of the following steps:


A.  Sign Up using an email account

B.  Record your username, your password and the url of the blog on the BLOG SIGN UP SHEET with Mr. Dhami immediately

C.  Create your blog by selecting a theme.

Click here to go to the wordpress login page