Daily News

New News:

Good Morning,

If you click on the tasks and due dates page you will see a chronological list of all the tasks we have completed and the last few that we are working on today!

Old News:

Alright, today we should be doing chunk 1 blog posts and starting the section 1 assignment.

Today we will focus on adding other students’ blogs to our reader, reading the first chunk of our graphic novel and starting the chunk one blogs and activities.

Welcome to the grade twelve English graphic novel blog, G-Lit.

During the course of this unit you will create and maintain a blog about your graphic novel and your reading of it.  This blog will provide you with short tasks, larger activities and blog topics to guide your study, thinking and discussion of the graphic novel.

Every time you enter this blog, you will come to the Daily News page.   This page will provide you with your initial updates and instructions.  Make sure that you check this page carefully everyday!


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